The countdown is on for the 2023 Australian Liquor Industry Awards (ALIA) and voting to pick your favourite brands, venues and people is now open.
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About Voting

Voting for ALIA 2023 is open to people who work in the liquor and hospitality industry in Australia. Votes can be submitted online.

Judging Process:
Nominations – Off-Premise & On-Premise Awards:

• Voting will be available online through the website

• Only one nomination is allowed to be made in each category during this round of voting

• All voters must identify themselves for their vote to be counted

• If a category is not relevant to a particular person or business, it can be skipped

• (Off-Premise only) In the off-premise nomination process, voters are encouraged to make their decision based on the trade support, marketing spend, and supplier relationships, not just the best sellers over a 12 month period

• (Off-Premise only) In the off-premise nomination process, there is an option to vote for ‘Other’ in any category where the top eight products or brands named are not relevant to a business

• (On-Premise only) In the on-premise categories, there are no initial nominations due to the number of possible venues or products to be nominated in a given category and all nominations can be made with a free response

• (On-Premise only) In the on-premise nomination process, voters are encouraged to make their decision based on the people, teams, brands and venues who have excelled over the last 12 month

Finalists & Winners – Off-Premise & On-Premise Awards:

• The finalists in all categories are determined by the highest number of votes, once voting closes.

• All finalists in all categories are judged by an off-premise selection panel and an on-premise selection panel made up of senior industry representatives which is printed in each year’s event program

• The industry panel votes in a 3-2-1 process for their top three selections in every category

• All data is audited over several days by PKF to confirm the winners in each category

• Representatives from PKF are in the audience on the night of ALIA to witness the correct winners are awarded and to address any voting queries

For further information regarding the Judging Process contact Andy Young on 02 8586 6211 or email:


There is no cost to enter ALIA.